Bedfordshire Walking Festival

Bedfordshire Walking Festival

Another sunny Sunday afternoon at Foster Hill Road Cemetery, and another big group of visitors. There were around 60 people (plus three small dogs), joining in with our contribution to the Bedfordshire Walking Festival. The Festival was for people who like walking, strolling, ambling, meandering, plodding along, rambling or marching about enjoying the surroundings and walks were carried out at dozens of places in the County. An excellent idea.

For many of the group, this was their first experience of the Cemetery and about 40 stayed the course for the full two and a quarter hours, finding out about the “Stories behind the Headstones.” None of the dogs lasted the distance, perhaps put off by hearing about the story behind the enigmatic memorial to “C.D.” the Cemetery Dog.

It was a lovely group to meet. Highlights were the singing of a Suffragette song, hearing about the remarkable Lady Fanny Eve, Evelyn McKay, Octavia, the Scottish Invaders and the heroic Danuta, the mystery of Algernon Foster’s stone and the Strawberry tree. We talked about Victorian burial etiquette, the choice of wording and the symbolism on the headstones. All were shocked, but not completely surprised, to hear that of the 27 people buried in the first month of the cemetery’s existence, 16 were aged 5 or under.

It was also a generous group, both  in their verbal thanks and generous monetary contributions to our much needed funds –  and for the second time this summer, we nearly ran out of the cakes that are another highlight of our walks.


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