The Cemetery’s Beauty and Wildlife

The cemetery is built on hills overlooking Bedford. This allows for wonderful views at certain times, of the airship sheds at Cardington (where the ill fated R101 departed from) and the Sikh temple at Queens Park. The cemetery grounds are one of the little known sights of Bedford.

The cemetery contains many historic and interesting trees, some of which such as Arbutus (Strawberry Trees)  are nationally endangered. The high number of trees make the site not only a cemetery but an Arboretum. The upper north-eastern section has a designated County Wildlife Site which contains many rare species of plants including several types of orchids.

At different times of the year many varieties of birds, butterflies and other creatures can be observed, in particular various types of woodpeckers, birds of prey, numerous bat colonies and general wildlife and rare lichens. (For more information see Brian Anderson’s Guide to the Wildlife of Bedford Cemetery)