General Heritage Walk

General Heritage Walk

On a very hot last day of June 2018, eight people enjoyed one of two general heritage walks in the cemetery. As it was very warm we skipped from the shade of one tree to the next one.

We looked at several groups of family graves from families involved with jewellery, ladies high fashion and civic life. We talked about the history of the cemetery from its opening in 1855 and looked at the area where the first 2 burials took place of children on the opening day. We agreed it was beautifully laid out with hundreds of now mature trees, which made it a glorious place to wander about in. Victorian ladies liked to take a Sunday afternoon stroll so that they could visit their sleeping relatives and we felt the cemetery grounds were well planned with this in mind.

We found the graves of 7 nuns; 5 family groups; a group of catholic worshippers; a child’s memorial older than the cemetery itself; the first medical superintendent at the “infirmary” (now South Wing); a large angel hidden in a tree; a murdered girl and a little stray dog to mention just a few. We had an enjoyable time talking about all these people who mostly had good interesting lives and who we, as the Friends, love to care for.

There was so much to see that most had to be left to the next time, when perhaps it will be a little cooler. At the end of the walk we made our way back to the Chapel where we knew that welcoming cool drinks and loads of home-made cake was awaiting us.


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