Terms and Conditions of Booking for The Chapel Foster Hill Road Cemetery


General Information

  • This document has been produced by the Friends of Bedford Cemetery (Foster Hill Road) hereinafter referred to as FOBC, and provides the Terms and Conditions associated with the hiring of the chapel building within the cemetery.
  • The FOBC is a registered charity (no. 1114098). The aim of the FOBC is to promote and preserve the history, landscape, natural history of the cemetery. Details can be found on the website fosterhillroadcemetery.co.uk
  • The owner of the Chapel building is Bedford Borough Council. The FOBC has been given rights of use by Bedford Borough Council that includes the ability to hire specific rooms to individuals, community groups and organisations for two specific purposes:
    • to generate revenue for the purpose of promoting and continuing the charitable works undertaken by the FOBC,
    • to enable individuals, community groups and organisations to benefit from the unique space that the chapel and grounds offers.
  • The FOBC will permit bookings from individuals, groups and organisations with an interest in promoting (for the benefit of the local community) health & wellbeing, education & local history (including outdoor activities such as nature trails) and cultural activities such as arts & crafts, music & drama.

Securing a Booking

  • Rooms can be hired using an electronic booking system accessed via the FOBC website. Completion of a booking form through the electronic booking system will constitute a hiring agreement.
  • The hiring agreement is a contract between the FOBC and the Hirer. The Hirer is the person completing and signing the booking form (whether that be in the capacity of an individual hirer or as a representative of a community group or organisation)
  • The hiring agreement is for use of specific rooms within the chapel building. These are the inner and outer meeting rooms and the nave.
  • The toilets are located off the outer meeting room. The kitchen is located off the inner meeting room. For this reason the hiring options are as follows:
    • option 1 – inner and outer meetings rooms. Use of kitchen included,
    • option 2 – inner, outer meeting rooms and nave. Use of kitchen included.
  • Confirmation of a booking is dependent on the information provided meeting the FOBC’s criteria and availability and does not obligate the Hirer to make a payment or for the FOBC to accept the booking.
  • A non-refundable 5% deposit may be required for option 2 bookings (of 3+ hours duration).
  • An invoice will be issued to the Hirer as confirmation of a booking. Payment should then be made in the following ways, please quote the invoice number in the reference field your bank provides or on the back of your cheque:
    • By BACS: The Friends of Bedford Cemetery (Foster Hill Road) Account No. 72094053 Sort code 40-10-02
    • By Cheque: Made payable to ‘The Friends of Bedford Cemetery (Foster Hill Road)
  • Payment must be made and received by the FOBC at least 14 days prior to the commencement of the hiring. FOBC reserves the right to levy a handling charge of 5% for late payment of invoices.
  • The Hirer is responsible for ensuring that the rooms booked are not used for any purpose other than that stated on the booking form.

Hiring Duration

  • Rooms can be hired between the hours of 9am and 12pm for a minimum period of 1hour.
  • Hirers should allow time within their booking to set out the rooms to meet their own requirements and to replace furniture into its original layout.
  • Access instructions for the chapel will be provided to the Hirer once the booking has been confirmed. For evening bookings this will include access instructions to enter the cemetery gates.

Specific Conditions of Hire

  • If the Hirer will not be in attendance for the duration of the booking then they must ensure that there is someone present at all times with the authority to ensure the conditions of the hiring are fully met.
  • It will be the Hirer’s responsibility to ensure that only persons known to be attending the event or activity are allowed entry into the chapel for the duration of the hiring period.
  • It will be the Hirer’s responsibility to inform all persons attending an event or activity about emergency procedures in the event of a fire.
  • The Hirer must observe the FOBC health and safety policies and ensure that all proper precautions for the preventing of accidents to any persons using the chapel during the period of hire are made. Link to policies page
  • The Hirer undertakes to accept responsibility in the event of any claim from any person attending the event of activity, for any loss, damage or injury arising from their use of the premises.
  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the building. This includes e-cigarettes. If smoking takes place outside, it can only take place in the FOBC designated smoking area. Cigarette ends must be disposed of safely and responsibly in the bins provided.
  • The rooms must be left clean and tidy and any rubbish placed in bin bags. The FOBC reserves the right to invoice a charge against any unreasonable use, including to make good any damage, breakages or extra cleaning if  the rooms hired (including the kitchen and toilets) are left in an unreasonably dirty
  • At the end of the hiring period the Hirer must ensure that all persons attending the event or activity have left the building and to secure the chapel as per the instructions provided when the booking is confirmed.

Non permitted Activities

  • The use of indoor or outdoor fireworks, smoke machines of any kind, lamps, oil burners, oil lamps, controlled explosions or bottled gas (indoors or outdoors) is not permitted
  • The use of candles is permitted on tables only, but not in conjunction with paper table covers, and only in suitable candle holders. Lit candles must never be left unattended.
  • It is not permitted to apply any sticky tape or other adhesive materials (including blue tac) to the painted surfaces or floors.
  • Pets or animals are not allowed inside the chapel (other than guide dogs).

Kitchen and Catering arrangements

  • If light refreshments are to be served the Hirer will provide any tea, coffee, milk etc. Some crockery (sideplates, cups and saucers) and cutlery (teaspoons) is available for use. Any items used must be washed and placed back in the crockery cupboard.
  • Due to hygiene regulations and limited space, the kitchen cannot be used for the preparation of food. The hirer must inform FOBC of any arrangements they make with outside caterers and payment should be made before delivery. The FOBC will not take any responsibility for non-delivery of refreshments.
  • The building is not licensed to sell alcohol. Should an alcohol license be required this must be agreed in writing by the FOBC prior to the booking being accepted. If agreed, it will be the responsibility of the Hirer to apply well in advance for an online ‘Temporary Event License’ with Bedford Borough Council.

Use of Equipment and Furniture

  • The cost of hiring includes the use of tables, chairs (option 1 hiring) plus pews (option 2 hiring).
  • Hirers can use the FOBC Public Announcement (PA) System for a small additional fee.
  • If the Hirer is bringing their own electrical equipment into the building this must have a current Portable Appliance Test (PAT) certificate.

Car Parking

  • There is limited space for several cars to park outside the chapel. Additional car parking is available in the Robinson Pool car park (Bedford Park). The first 2 hours in the Robinson Pool car park are free.
  • The FOBC and Bedford Borough Council will not accept any responsibility for loss or damage or loss of property to, or from, vehicles parked outside the chapel or nearby.


  • If the booking is cancelled within 7 days of hire then a cancellation fee equivalent to the total hire charge will be levied.
  • In the event of any breach of the conditions laid out in this document, or in the event of any misstatement on the booking form or any material omission being found, the booking may be cancelled without prior notice. Any monies paid may be forfeited.

Additional Conditions

  • The FOBC reserve the right to add such further conditions as may be deemed reasonably necessary, without notice.

Hiring Costs

Room Options Detail Maximum
permitted no. of
1 Inner + outer meeting rooms (includes use of kitchen, tables and chairs) Up to 40 £10 per hour
2 Inner + outer meeting rooms + nave(includes use of kitchen, table, chairs and pews) Up to 80 £20 per hour (or percentage of the box office takings at the discretion of FOBC)
  • Public Announcement (PA) System equipment can be hired for £5 (for duration of hiring period)


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Terms & Conditions for Hire of the Chapel, Foster Hill Road Cemetery v1-0