The Brave and the Bold – some remarkable women in Foster Hill Road Cemetery

The Brave and the Bold - some remarkable women in Foster Hill Road Cemetery

The 6th February 2018 marked 100 years since the Representation of the People Act was passed in Britain, giving (some) women the right to vote. To mark the 100 Years of Suffrage centenary, a host of exhibitions and activities are happening across the country as well  as a  number of activities  being carried out by various groups in Bedford.   Amongst  those activities there is currently a large exhibition at the Higgins Museum and an educational project on the theme of ” Risk Takers and History Makers” at the Panacea Museum later this year, with a focus on local women who fought for justice, fairness or their beliefs. There are also plans are in place for there to be a statue erected to remember Bedford Suffragette, Amy Walmsley.

The Friends of Bedford Cemetery will be doing their bit to highlight some of the inspirational, remarkable and idealistic women of achievement who are buried in the cemetery at Foster Hill Road . There is  quite an impressive list of women who were in their different ways pioneers, reformers or teachers, and over the next few months  these women and their achievements will be revealed.  And just as a tease…. there is a remarkable woman who for years has been something of a mystery, but about whom there is now enough known to call her genuinely ‘Brave and Bold’.

Future plans include a small exhibition in the chapel,  a permanent marker to be placed on their graves to point out their achievement, and a themed walk later this Summer.


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