The Rev. John Robert and Fanny Turing

The Rev. John Robert and Fanny Turing

The Rev. John Robert Turing was born in 1826 in Java. His christening took place on 29 January 1826 at Macao, China. He was the son of John Robert Turing of Rotterdam and Jean Stewart Fraser of Aberdeen. The Turings originated from Scotland and settled in Rotterdam. John’s father was a member of the Dutch merchant community in Java. John’s father (1792-1829) died in Batavia, Dutch East Indies. John subsequently returned to England with his mother and his sister, Agnes Margaret Turing.

John gained a mathematics degree at Trinity College, Cambridge. He later joined the priesthood and was ordained in 1849. The 1851 census records the Rev. John Robert Turing as the curate of Axminster. He is living with his mother and sister at West Street, Axminster, Devon. He employs two female live-in servants. In 1852, The Rev J. R. Turing was appointed to the Perpetual Curacy of Holy Trinity, Rotherhithe, Surrey. By 1861 he had moved to 1 Belvoir Terrace, Cambridge. He is the chaplain of Trinity College, and curate at Great St. Mary’s Church, Cambridge. He is living with his widowed mother and his elder sister Agnes, aged 37 years.

On 24 September 1861 the Rev. J, R. Turing married Fanny Montague Boyd at Great St. Mary’s Church, Cambridge. Fanny was born in India on 6 January 1842. She was the daughter of General Mossom Boyd of the Bengal Army and Charlotte L. Boyd.
In 1867 the Rev. Turing was appointed Vicar of St. Mary’s Church in Edwinstowe, Newark, Nottinghamshire. The 1871 census records the Rev. Turing and his family living at St. Andrew’s Vicarage. He was the incumbent of St. Andrew’s Church, Watford, Hertfordshire. The 1881 census records Fanny and three of their children, Charlotte, Helen, and Arthur living in lodgings at 78 Gloster Place, St. Marylebone, London.

In 1884 he was forced to retire on the grounds of ill health. The family subsequently moved to Bedford to take advantage of the Harpur Trust Schools.
The Rev. Turing died aged 60 years on 27 December 1885 at Linden Road Bedford. His burial took place at Foster Hill Road Cemetery. Grave Ref. G5.14.

The 1901 census records Fanny Turing living at Harpur Street, Bedford. She subsequently moved to London. Fanny died on 27 December 1902 at Windsor Road, Ealing, London. Her funeral service took place in St. Peter’s Church, Bedford. Her burial took place alongside her husband. Grave Ref. G5.3

The children of Rev. John Robert Turing and Fanny Turing

Arthur Henry Turing (1870-1898) was born in Watford and christened on 20th July 1870 at St. Andrew’s Parsonage, Watford. He was partly educated at Woodbridge school, having been a boarder there from April 1882 until July 1884. From 1884 to 1889 he was a pupil at Bedford School where he distinguished himself both as a scholar and an oarsman.

In 1891 Arthur was a cadet at Sandhurst. He was subsequently promoted to Lieutenant of the 36th Sikhs. He was one of the five British officers who were killed by the Afridis in the disastrous action near Shin Kamar Kotal.

Fanny Jane Turing  born in 1862 was a well-known social reformer and politician. Her burial took place at Foster Hill Road Cemetery. Grave Ref. F3.153.

Charlotte Jessie Turing (1865-1941) was born in Cambridge. She died aged 76 years at Weston-super-Mare, Somerset.

Helen Margaret Turing (1867-1941) was born in Lincolnshire. Her christening took place on 25 December 1867 at South Ormesby, Lincolnshire. Helen attended Bedford High School from 1885 to 1887. Helen became a teacher and by 1911 she was living at 16 Ship Street, Oxford. Helen died in 1941 at Exmoor, Devon.

Julius Matheson Turing was born on 9 November 1873. He married Ethel Sara Stoney, on 1 October 1917. He died on 3 August 1947. His son was Dr. Alan Matheson Turing who was born on 23 June 1912 at Maida Vale, Westminster, London. He graduated from King’s College, Cambridge. He was at Bletchley Park during the Second World War, where he helped crack the Enigma code. He was appointed Officer, Order of the British Empire (OBE) He was appointed Fellow Royal Society (F.R.S).

Sybil Montague Turing was born in 1876. She attended Bedford High School from 1885 to 1893. Sybil died in 1952 at Mount Pleasant Nursing Home, Victoria Road, Clevedon, Somerset.

Harvey Doria Turing (1877-1950) died at Mount Aston Clinton Aylesbury.

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